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Set your intentions, dream with care...

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

2019: mindful timing the United Nations sets for the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Communication and Language have been at forefront of my mind for a very long time, most especially language, what we speak to as a culture; as humans.

The Kaigani story and canoe family continues to grow. For the San Juan Archipelago since her arrival; really we have been in an incubation period. Mindfully dipping our paddles in the water, connecting to new friends, creating bonds to deepen relations with one another and those involved in the work of healing and connecting to our waterways…Pulling off some amazing experiences with our local youth in the water with Kaigani, Xwachxeng, and Malama Po’alima. There is such a deep and profound story unraveling and inter-weaving with other stories, both on an individual level (as the Skipper) and collectively as a group with their own stories, but all of us being pulled, towards the center, the source, ke wa’a, our sacred canoes and their teachings.

It is vital that this oral story be told and preserved and passed down, so as time permits, I am working on piecing it all together to tell Our Collective story on the Kaigani website blog. I welcome your own voice, your own experiences with Kaigani wa’a, to weave into the energy of this story, for it belongs to us all. Please send along your mana’o, poems, dreams, & voice.

Stay tune for more!

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