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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Director of Operations

Matthew Wickey


Matthew Wickey, Skipper

Founder/Executive Director


Matt has worked as an outdoor educator and conservation biologist for the past 25 years in a multitude of programs and projects centered around conservation biology, adventure & environmental education, advocacy of traditional indigenous knowledge systems and community building. He has taught in Hawai’ian immersion schools, ocean-based experiential therapy programs, has worked as International expedition guide, directed University outdoor programs, and has extensive professional experience as a field biologist in the Main Hawai’ian Islands. Matt has an academic background in Outdoor Education/Environmental Science. Matt is dedicated to community building and bringing youth, families, and individuals to a greater awareness of the natural world and the connections that exist and that need to be healed to sustain our future as a global community. Matt finds his passions and is accomplished in ocean sports- outrigger paddling, surfing, sailing, snowboarding, mountaineering, backcountry medicine, and has interests and background in organic farming, natural/herbal medicine, Tai Chi/Qi Gong, and primitive living skills. He is in the International mentor network as a graduate of the Nurturing the Roots program for The Tracking Project where a lot of teachings and inspiration comes for the Salish Sea Voyaging program to uphold the sacred duty to thoughtfully and respectfully bring native wisdom into the modern world.


Matt is an active Firefighter/EMT with San Juan Island Fire & Rescue

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